Covering Your Tail

Vail HangAir is pleased to have a relationship with the FBO, The Vail Valley Jet Center.  The Jet Center is working with those who become clients of Vail HangAir by offering the following discounts:

  • 100LL: $6.95 per gallon Self-Fueling at adjacent fuel island.
  • JetA: $.50 off retail based on individual agreements. Deeper discounts available for high volume customers.
  • Piston: $20 off retail for hourly maintenance.
  • Jet: $10 off retail for hourly maintenance.

Please inquire about your annual inspection discount.


Are available to all. Currently no discounts are offered, but the ability to deice is invaluable.

All discounts are at the discretion of the Vail Valley Jet Center and subject to change.